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Inter-Sorority Council

Located in Room 171 of Newcomb Hall

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Map of Chapter Houses (.pdf)

2021 ISC Executive Board Officers

President: Clare Scully
VP Judiciary: Isabelle Mayor-Mora
VP Diversity and Inclusion: Hannah Cahill
VP Finance: Virginia Barney
VPs for Recruitment: Logan Cunningham (Potential New Members) and Tapley Borucke (Chapter Management)

The Inter-Sorority Council (ISC) is the governing body of 15 social sororities on the Grounds. While the ISC was only established in 1975, the first sorority at the University was founded in 1927. The ISC has since grown to become the largest women’s organization at the University. The ISC focus is on women, service, and leadership. Sorority women actively participate in almost every facet of the University community.

ISC’s Executive Council includes five elected officers and fifteen selected committee chairwomen. The twenty members of the ISC also work with the Presidents’ Council and other resources on the Grounds to strengthen the fraternity and sorority community at the University. The committees coordinate education, service, and social programs. The Inter-Sorority Council also plays a role in Informal Recruitment in the fall for upper-class women and transfers. The ISC plays an even larger role in Formal Recruitment held in the spring for all female students.

The fifteen active sororities that are part of the Inter-Sorority Council are: